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New Adidas 2015 Teamwear Catalogue now launched (January 2015)

All new products available to order online.

Training Range now includes: Tiro 15, Condivo 14, Sereno 14 and Core Fifteen with a wide range of products and more colours too.

Adidas Technologies

Formotion - Is 3D engineered to increase freedom of movement at everystage of the game from Kick Off to the Full Time whistle. Compression fabrics follow the contours of the body for a better fit, enhancing muscle activity and giving you greater comfort while in motion.

Climalite - Light, breathable fabrics worn close to the skin conduct heat and sweat away from the body. CLIMALITE keeps you cool and dry so you're free to get around and compete without compromise in warm playing conditions.

Climacool - A combination of performance fabrics, open mesh and ventilation channels keep cool air flowing in, and heat and sweat flowing out. Stay dry, comfortable and performing at your peak in the most heated competition. With CLIMACOOL equiped apparel you can forget the heat, keep your cool and stay on top of your game.

Climawarm - A lightweight, breathable insulation that helps keep you dry and comfortable in cold weather. CLIMAWARM uses intensely woven synthetic fibres that trap air to keep you warm, but are spaced far enough apart to allow heat-sapping sweat to escape through rapid evaporation.

Adizero - Adizero represents a design philosophy, steeped in a handcrafted tradition of attention to the finest detail. Performance is about more than being light; every product focuses on a superior fit and feel which translates to energy efficiency, helping you run faster and further

Techfit - Designed to support your muscles and movement giving you the ultimate edge. TECHFIT POWERWEB generates explosive power, acceleration and endurance with advanced fabric technology improving blood flow, oxygen delivery and recovery time. Whether you're warming up, bursting through the defence or getting up to head the ball, TECHFIT is proven to enhance your performance at every turn.

Adidas 2014/15 Teamwear Catalogue has been launched in January.

Adidas Teamwear catalogue will now run from January through to December opposed to April through to March. As far as we are aware this decision has been made by Adidas and their stock issues. It is very difficult getting hold of stock between November till March with Adidas, so they have deemed it appropriate to change their season to the calender year opposed to the football season.

Within the new catalogue there are 2 new training ranges. Condivo 14 and Sereno 14. The Core 11 still remains the same.

Like always to Referee and Goalkeeper ranges have been replaced with new styles.

After the many strip changes last season, there have only been a couple this year. There is a new Condivo 14 Jersey and also a new Tabela 14 Shirt.

Hummel Teamwear

We now offer Hummel Kit bundles which are fantastic deals. The bundles are based in 2 formats; training bundles and match kit. Perfect for clubs/schools who are on a tight budget.

We only list the Hummel Roots range but others are available on request.


Adidas Nitrocharge #AllIn #TheEngine

The new boot from Adidas is a completely new product concept for a new player type in the game.

The boot is designed for the engine in the team, the player who runs the most, the ideal box-to-box midfielder. Where others stop, he keeps going.

Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0 Key Features:

  • Pre-moulded protection pads
  • Protection mesh
  • SprintFrame
  • Energysling
  • Hybridtouch
  • Energypulse
  • MiCoach compatible
  • Traxion
  • 240g (UK 8.5)

Adidas Nitrocharge 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 in Firm Ground, Soft Ground and Astro Turf available.



Adidas Teamwear 2013/14

Looking into the cup final season, and next year Adidas have recently launched the new catalogue with many new products, whilst also keeping some top sellers too. New jerseys include Campeon 13, Striped Estro 13, Tiro 13, Toque 13 and Squadra 13. The Tiro 13 training range has replaced the Condivo 12 range. The socks remain the same with Adisock 12 and Milano Sock. New shorts include Campeon 13, Tiro 13 and Squadra 13 shorts. The GK range is all new but keeps the Tierro Short and Pants. The Revigo 13, Assita 13, and Bilvo 13 and the Adidas Goalkeeper Jerseys

How to clean my Football Boots

With your football boots becoming a more and more expensive investment, it’s important to understand the best ways to look after your football boots and prolong their life.
The football boot is a footballers most important piece of equipment. Ensuring your equipment is in good working order, can only help improve your game.
Over the course of the next few days, I will be giving you a series of guides to help you care for your football boots.

The Basics
1. After playing, always loosen your laces to allow you to remove your boots without using excessive force.
2. Remove loose soil by brushing the football boots with a stiff brush. Do not use a wire brush, instead try and use a brush with a natural material.
3. Wipe the football boots with a damp cloth to remove smaller particles of soil. Do not use a cleaning agent to clean your football boots.
4. If the football boots have been used in wet conditions, you can use an old toothbrush to remove soil that has been trapped in small grooves.
5. Stuff the football boots with newspaper to maintain shape.
6. Allow the football boots to dry in a natural heat.
  • Drying the boots with heat can cause the football boots to become stiff and the adhesives can deteriorate.
  • Stiff boots are far more likely to rip and are weak.
  • Deteriorated adhesives can make joints weak, such as the join between the upper and the sole plate. Additionally, heat drying your football boots can cause your soleplate to warp.
7. Once dry, grease the studs. This will prevent rusting if the boots are screw-in, it will also help prevent soil from sticking to the studs.
8. If the boots are leather, they can be polished to retain their colour.
9. After allowing the polish to work in, typically 24 hours, the boot should be protected by a Dubbin or natural leather oil. Dubbin or oil, helps keep the football boot waterproof and the leather supple.
Warning: When cleaning football boots with synthetic material, do not use a Dubbin or oil.
10. If changing or cleaning studs, add a slight lubricant to the stud thread to prevent any rusting if moisture gets in. Ensure the stud is tight, but not too tight to damage the thread. (Too much lubricant will reduce the friction and prevent the stud from properly tightening).

Adidas MiCoach

What is Adidas MiCoach?
Adidas miCoach is a small device which goes in the base of your left shoe. (Only select compatible Adidas Footwear). When you play or train, this device will collect together information about how you are training, for example distances cover and speeds in which you cover the ground.

Once you have finished training/playing, plug this device into you iphone/phone/ipad/laptop, install the miCoach application, then all the data will get transferred. The purpose of the software, is to help the individual perform better. As you will know how far, and how hard you work in training, and you can aim to better to goals and fitness levels.

You can even simulate yourself on a game, using the MiCoach football app.

Do you have a MiCoach?
If you have an Adidas MiCoach, let us know your opinions, and whether it has helped you develop your game.

If you haven't got the MiCoach?
You can purchase them from www.teamsportdirect.co.uk for £69.99.
If you require any more information then please give us a call and we will be happy to help.
01604 239857